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Base Camp Data Solution is currently looking for System Engineer in our Hyderabad Office.

Job Timings: Rotational: 8 hours Shift (Morning, Evening, and Night)

Job description

  • A recommendation in upgrading the Internet package in case of slow Internet issues.
  • Installation of POS software for Cellular clients like Omni, RQ4, Data cape, and DAG/RMS.
  • Driver installation of Hardware devices e.g. Printer, Card Reader, Barcode reader, Fingerprint scanner, Signature Pads
  • Troubleshooting of Hardware devices Printer, Card Reader, Barcode reader, Fingerprint scanner, Signature Pads.
  • Replacement of Hardware and Network devices.
  • Installation and Updation of company-required software and programs.
  • Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance of router, switch, and Wifi Access point.
  • Offer recommendations on upgrades needed in Hardware, Computers, and operating systems.
  • Remote maintenance and monitoring of computers and laptops
  • Remote maintenance of servers created in AWS cloud, VMs, Hyper V
  • Perform PCI Compliance

DVR Installation

  • Assist technician to get online DVR on WAN IP by creating rules in client’s router and modem.
  • Ideal configuration of DVR/NVR/Camera by using its relevant document available in Fresh desk solution.
  • Sharing information with CMSR to assess new DVRs installed at the client’s location.
  • Assist technician to get New Camera Install in DVR/NVR on a new location or replacing an existing camera.

DVR assessment

  • Try to access DVR using the information provided in the assessment form, in case DVR is not accessible reach out to Technical POC given in the assessment form. Help to monitor team accessing new kind of DVR/NVR.
  • When DVR is online check the following features in DVR if it is different from Hikvision, Platinum, or ADT.
  • The desktop application of DVR
  • RTSP live and Playback link
  • Does DVR work on Internet Explorer
  • Find DVR drawbacks and update in DVR Drawbacks GDoc
  • Create a document for the CMS team to access DVR.
  • Create an Ideal configuration document for a new type of DVRs after on boarded

DVR Down

  • Follow DVR down SLA process update in Fresh desk companies.
  • Escalating issues according to customer SLA.
  • Confirm WAN IP of DVR.
  • Getting DVR up and running if they go down by following a typical DVR down the process in which agents need to check DVR availability on local LAN, create rules in client’s modem/ router for DVR to make available on WAN IP.

Camera Issues

  • Camera angle adjustment/relocation
  • Additional camera installation
  • Camera blur issues
  • Getting Cameras online if they go offline or Video loss.

Education and Other Skills

  • Bachelor in Information Technology
  • Experience 3 years plus
  • Daily Reporting of DVR down and CMS-related Issues.
  • Process CMS requests according to SOPs
  • Troubleshooting all DVR/NVR and camera-related issues that are not documented or new in their nature

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